The Right Place, The Right Time – Dr. Jones

The other night Ben and I were at a ball game in Cincinnati. We had great seats down the first baseline. As often happens a player fouled a ball down the line that the ball boy picked up. He flipped it to a young boy in the crowd in front of me. Right before he caught it a young man in his mid 20’s jumped in front of him and grabbed the ball. The boy’s father looked over, “Really? Did you just take that away from a kid?” “Sorry dude but I only bring my girlfriend once a year had to get a ball for her.” Was the reply.

As you can imagine we were all pretty upset with this guy. The father decided to let it go but I can imagine what was going through his mind. Wishing he had jumped in front of this guy, or stopped him. Or wishing that the ball boy had thrown it so only his son or even he would have been the ones to reach it. Maybe even wishing this guy hadn’t been such a jerk about it. In other words he probably wished he could turn things back and make the night turn out better.

We would all like to be able to do that wouldn’t we? We would love to be able to turn back time and make our lives perfect. But, of course, we can’t. And sometimes spending all that time looking at what might have been causes us to miss blessings and opportunities to change the world all around us.