The Foundation Board administers three major funds. These funds have been developed within the Foundation to enhance donor choice, to enable the donor to match their gift to a specific area of the church and for the purpose deemed by him/her to be most meaningful.

  • The Permanent Endowment Fund

     The Permanent Endowment Fund is designed to preserve its principal over time. Only a set percentage of the fund, usually 4% to 5% as approved by the Administrative Council, is used each year for grants. Gifts to the Permanent Endowment Fund of at least $50,000 may be designated for a particular purpose, or gifts of any amount may be given on an undesignated basis. This is the agreement we will sign to assure funds are administered according to your wishes.

  • The Memorial and Honor Fund

     The Memorial and Honor fund is for gifts designated either as a memorial or to honor an individual. Donors may designate the gift for one of the accounts that have been established. The accounts are: youth ministries, Christian education, traditional worship, contemporary worship, missions, older adult ministries and the Trinity campus. Gifts not specifically designated by the donor are placed into an account called “Greatest Need”. Grants for the applicable Trinity program area may be approved without dollar limit to the full value of the respective account.

  • The Unrestricted Fund

    The Unrestricted Fund is for gifts that may be designated for a particular purpose or undesignated. Such funds are available for grants without dollar limit up to the full value of the designated or undesignated portion of the fund. Grants from the fund in excess of $10,000 are submitted to the Administrative Council for approval after approval by the Foundation Board. All gifts to Trinity not specifically designated for the Permanent Endowment Fund or the Memorial and Honor Fund are placed in the Unrestricted Fund on an undesignated basis.The Board may accept gifts for a particular current use specified by the donor if the Board determines that: (a) the specific purpose is consistent with Trinity’s mission; (b) there is an identified, extraordinary, and immediate need that can be met by the gift, and; (c) the Business Office is prepared to undertake the proposed project and supervise the expenditure of the current use gift. Note: See also the Gift Acceptance Policies of the Board.

All funds are managed in accordance with the Investment Policy of the Foundation.

Are Gifts to the Foundation Tax Deductible?

Yes, gifts to the Trinity Foundation receive the same favorable tax treatment for both income and estate tax purposes as tithes and offerings to the church.

How to Give

When giving to the Trinity Foundation, donor wishes will always be followed. It is the donor’s choice as to which of the three funds will receive the gift. Gifts by cash, check, or money order should be made payable to the Trinity Foundation.

Other gifts such as stocks or bonds should be transferred in the name of the Trinity Foundation. Please contact the church office at 614-488-0695 to request more information or meet with the Senior Minister or Business Manager.

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